Conquer the night...

   Who hasn’t looked under the bed before turning in for the night?
   Who doesn’t cast an occasional glance at the closet - to make sure the door is still closed?
   Who hasn’t pulled their covers a little more tightly under their chin in response to an unfamiliar sound?
   Who hasn’t awaken at night, in a strange place, to find the shadows full of the fears that inhabit their imagination?
   You have.
   We all have.


   So, what if you had a friend in the shadows, one with a lantern that, with the wave of your magic wand, would light up to chase them away?

   A friend whose reassuring voice would comfort you with:

   “All’s clear in the closet!”,

   “Nothing under the bed but a dust bunny and me!”,

   “Nothing to fear over here!”


   A friend who's not afraid of the dark. In fact, your Knightlyte's not afraid of anything...

   You do have such a friend: when you have a Knightlyte*.